Launching of LUCCC in Senegal

Senegal GGGWeek 2018: Launch of Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change

November 26, 2018 – The Official launch of Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC) with the Secretary General of Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal

In the context of Global Green Growth Week celebration in Senegal, Universities and research centers in Senegal, through the support of GGGI, and also under the presidency of Secretary General of Senegalese Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD), have proceeded to the launch of the initiative LUCCC. This launch follows a preparatory information mission on LUCCC, an opportunity to present the initiative to them and to stimulate interest in them. !

By massively responding to the invitation of the launch, universities and research centers showed their commitment and determination to implement the initiative. And they all are glad about the participative and inclusive approach used by GGGI to get all of them involved at the same time.

Dr. Mouhamadou Tounkara, Country Representative of GGGI in Senegal thanked all the participants and welcomed the commitments of all of them. He also talked about all the opportunities that the country could get through LUCCC in terms of Capacity Building, Knowledge sharing and funding. After this Mr. Malle Fofana has made a brief presentation of GGGI and his work.

Dr. Henri Mathieu Lo, as LUCCC focal presented LUCCC, and insisted about all the opportunities Universities and Research centers could get from it. He also called all his colleague to get deeply involved in the implementation of the initiative.

After this Dr. Dereje Senshaw, GGGI’s energy specialist and responsible of Though Leadership team in GGGI, welcomed the initiative before talking about how LUCCC is moving in other country and about the International workshop which will take place on April in Ethiopia.

Then Universities and research center representatives shown their commitments to contribute to the LUCCC implementation, talked about similar initiatives, gaps and threats, before making recommendations for the effective implementation of LUCCC.

Mr. Amadou Lamine Guisse, Secretary General of MEDD, in his closing remarks, assured the support of MEDD which will send a note to the Higher Education, Research and Innovation Ministry (MESRI), to instruct universities and research centers to make the implementation of the LUCCC initiative a priority.

This news originally published on Global Green Growth Institute website.

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